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Julie Prader, landscape photographer 

Hors-saison is a series of seaside landscapes in winter. The photos are taken in north of France. Julie’s photographic work is mostly on deserted landscapes, on spaces under repair. Those grounds under construction coincide with a fancy construction and become playgrounds favorable to fantasy.



Mrs Robinson says:

The solitude in these images causes a pleasant feeling of alienation. The object or location I am looking at is something different, something abstract, which gives me space to think, to muse, to relax. So the spot hit the mark, though not by the spot itself, but by the images of Julie. Something completely different.


[email protected] | www.juliepradier.com   | biography Julie Prader


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Liesje Reyskens, a young Belgium art and fashion photographer

To her this was the ideal opportunity to explore the endless variation of female form. After a call in the regional media the photographer selected from over 200 candidates 39 women between 1 and 84 years. And they all have a love-hate relationship with their own body. From the nonchalant thoughtlessness of preschool children via the shy awkwardness of teenagers to the shameless pride in mature women. But how different the women behave in the front of the camera their forms are still united in a way. Liesje knows how to emphasize this unit by outfits and accessories.
All 39 models were allowed to choose 3 outfits. A dress designed by Astrid-Fia De Craecker of the label Little Miss Y, or a stripped to the waist high slip (but sometimes covered) or an upper body that were specially designed by Celine Pinckers.

Liesje Reyskens prides herself on working with quirky female designers whose styles seamlessly connect with her playful and often surreal photography.

The same applies to Elisa Lee, who provided the jewelry for this special project, and Katleen De Mulder, who did the makeup and nice haircuts.

The result is an ode to shapes, sizes and weights and the proof of the cliche 'that we're all the same. All the colorful world of Liesje Reyskens. Do not miss this project at this year's Super Bodies. By women for women.


Mrs Robinson says:

Imagine a big, big, wall with these 39 images of all kind of women dressed in pastel colored dresses and portrayed in a playful atmosphere.

Oh yeah, It makes me definitely proud to be a woman !

This work is so new, so outstanding yet so simple and sweet, Liesje deserves an ongoing and worldwide attention, starting here.


| [email protected] | www.liesjereyskens.com | biography Liesje Reyskens


studio>tags | ..Art | ..documentary | ..Faces


Peter van Beek, documentary and portrait photogrpaher.

Centuries ago dark-skinned nomads, tin makers, musicians and storytellers came from Punjab and Rajastan to the West. Their history is vague and full of mystery. Surprisingly, in 2012 it still is. The Roma, commonly known as gypsies, live their lives in remarkable ways. One has a horse, the other a Hummer. Loved by few, discriminated by many.


Peter van Beek was photographing Balkan psychiatric institutions when thousands of Kosovo refugees settled down in Skopje, capitol of Macedonia, for a while. Besides psychiatry and refugees Peter started capturing life of the Roma as well. He became intrigued by these passionate and colourful people yet largest and most hated minority in Europe.

For 10 years now Peter travels across Europe. Eating and sleeping, dancing and sometimes fighting with Roma.

By photographing his adventures he shows us the inspiring life of coppersmiths, witches, bear tamers, nomads and storytellers


Mrs Robinson says:

I had a WOW moment when I saw the work of Peter : honest and colourful portraits which make you wonder about life, people and places. Peter himself doubted the fact that his work would be appropriate for Bloesem. Yes, it may be a wake up call to show these non-styled and unpolished sceneries but by being so they are enormously attractive. Because this time the beauty is not in the garments, objects or models, but in the pride of these people.


Would you like to see the all the images from this series contact the photographer Peter van Beek. Or you can buy some of these amazing Gypsy images as art prints right here at ArtFlakes.

| [email protected] | www.petervanbeek.com | biography Peter van Beek |

Ask Mrs Robinson: how can I stand out as a photographer?

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Mrs. Robinson,    how can I stand out as a photographer?  

This week we are getting rather serious and ask Mrs. Robinson about competitive positioning. You might think that this is something that exclusively concerns your agent and not something you should take an interest in. If you actually think that (don’t get me wrong, most photographers I meet are acutely aware of the importance of competitive positioning), Mrs Robinson is here to give you your wake-up call. If you are taking your competitive positioning seriously, I hope to provide you with further insights and guidance. While it is true that in the past you might have been able to get away with giving your competitive profile less attention than it deserved, those good old days are a thing of the past and unlikely to return any time soon. In the current global economic conditions, competition among photographers is tough to say the least and competitive positioning is imperative to keep your career blossoming! 

Sounds challenging? A little bit perhaps, but Mrs Robinson is here to help. Even in these harsh economic conditions, I am convinced that quality work by talented artists can still command a premium in the market. The key to your success is how you position yourself in this market vis-à-vis your competitors: to stand out and make it easy for potential clients to identify you as the photographer they must work with and are willing to pay market rates. So, yes, fortunately or unfortunately, it all depends on you! But here is where a good agent can assist you to steer clear from common pitfalls and act as a sounding board.

    Finding your niche and keeping it…    

Wikipedia tells me: “a niche is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing, aimed at satisfying specific market needs”. So what does this mean for a photographer? Look at what comes naturally to you (where lies your talent); then choose to specialize and discover what it requires to be among the best within this specialization.......................................                                     

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Tokyo Monogatari

studio>tags | ..Exhibitions


Ilse Leenders, Conceptual Photographer

The work of Ilse Leenders is constructed and alienating. The daily reality is an inspiration for a personal imaginary world where wondrous situations occur.

The series Tokyo Monogatari was made during  Ilse’s first stay in Tokyo.

The images were the starting point of a large series that needed to be continued and intensified in order to visualize the combination of the cities atmosphere and the heritage of movements from Japanese theater. This could be realized by proceeding the collaboration with the Japanese dancers and performance artists to increase poses and subjects in the pictures.

That is the reason for Ilse’s second trip to Japan last winter. She not only visited Tokyo again but also Kyoto and some small villages in the countryside. In this way she could conceptualize a complete combination of the daily life in Japan and the heritage of the diverse Japanese visual and performing arts.


Opening on Saturday 24 March  17h-19h, Ilse will be presenting this Tokyo Monogatari images and also a selection of work generated from her second trip to Japan in the solo exhibition SEMBLANCE.

The exhibition shows a cross-section of her work. Highlights from series that she made over the past years independently and photographs in collaboration with photographer Maurits Giesen under the name of GiesenLeenders.

ACF – Amsterdam Centrum voor Fotografie, Bethanienstraat 39, 1012 BZ AMSTERDAM


Mrs Robinson says:

Nothing is what it seems in the work of Ilse Leenders. Her images are perfectly staged without losing authenticity of people and environment.
Ilse pulls you very easily into her world of pleasantly weirdness  and often it is very hard to return to the real world, is my idea.
When she is exhibiting I'll always make sure going there , for great images and for another beautiful trip.


[email protected] | www.ilseleenders.com | biography Ilse Leenders

The home of Dutch designer Yvette Laduk

studio>tags | ..Interior


Alan Jensen Photographer.

The home of Dutch designer Yvette Laduk in Alphen aan den Rijn is a 1970's bungalow which was completely gutted and rebuilt to incorporate a 3.5 x 6m glass roof and a sleek modern design. Three bedrooms were taken back to one spacious and open floor plan which incorporates a home office and many of Yvette's playful designs.

In her own words: "Basically I live in my own portfolio!"


Mrs Robinson says:

This home is marvelous and not just because of the glass roof (I want that!) but also the inspiring combination of colors and the mix of used materials. The images give a great impression what it is like living in a modern designed house in The Netherlands.  I am convinced that Alan will create great imagery on other houses around the globe as well.


Would you like to see the all the images from this serie or possibly feature it in your magazine just contact the photographer Alan Jensen


| [email protected] | www.alanjensen.com | biography Alan | styling by  Kate Nixon |

Domestic Landscapes

studio>tags | ..Landscape | ..Places


Una Hunderi

The series Domestic Landscapes refers to suburban nature and architecture, as my aim with this series was to comment and interpret the modern Norwegian man-made landscape. Here I strived to make pictures belonging to the narrative aesthetic of cinema, without appropriating specific films. Instead one can see them as a pastiche of a certain kind of film language. Nature has been a recurring theme in many of my previous works, but has been dealt with in different ways. One common denominator might be playing and twisting with a collective, idealized imagery and memories relating to nature and landscape



Mrs Robinson says:

What attracts me most in these stunning series is the calm, serentity and pureness in the subject. The magnificent power of nature in the pictures of the trees brings back some sweet childhood memories. Therefore, the combination of powerful trees and innocent girls is very strong to me.

These images can be a great visual help in telling stories about beautiful North European areas.  


 | [email protected] | www.unaline.com



studio>tags | ..Interior



Marjon Hoogervorst likes spaces, places and faces

Enna Hadzir is one of the founders of a well-known cupcakes shop in KL called Wondermilk and she lives with her husband and two kids in this corner home in one of the suburbs of the city. What attracted Marjon to the home was the world of collectibles, handmade accessories and furniture.  

The serie consits of 59 images and includes their home, garden and some nice family shots. A complete story about a creative Malaysian family living in KL that will inspire many people around the globe.



Would you like to see the whole series of 59 images or possibly feature it in your magazine just contact the photographer Marjon Hoogervorst.



| [email protected] | www.vorstin.nl | biography Marjon | styling by Ena Hadzir|

Do Not Disturb

studio>tags | ..Art | ..Fashion


Anja Niemi, Art photographer

Born in Norway in 1976 and educated at London College of Printing and Parsons School of Design in Paris and New York.

Anja Niemi's new series of photographs Do Not Disturb, exhibited for the first time, continue the artist’s relationships with interiors. This time in hotel rooms.

Her new series of photographs Do Not Disturb, exhibited for the first time, continue the artist’s relationships with interiors. This time in hotel rooms.

She packs a suitcase containing none of here personal belongings, only unfamiliar clothes and accessories, and checks into a hotel.  With the private space of the hotel room and hiding behind someone else's clothes she feels the familiar freedom from her past, to play out all the different characters she no longer wants to be.

Anja Niemi : Do Not Disturb from 27 March – 21 April at The little black gallery, London


Mrs Robinson says:

After Irene did a call for photography entries, last year, reactions poured in. And when I had a first look at them I was immediately captivated by these images from Anja.  The entire series  are  so very strong in idea and execution which makes it a very balanced story. It radiates a feeling of timelessness without loosing its sophisticated, almost fashionable character.



 | [email protected] |www.anjaniemi.com |



Winter Landscape

studio>tags | ..Art | ..Landscape


Jennifer Squires Ross, Modern Fine Art Photographer

"I began this series as part of a therapeutic exercise that I'd given myself: find beauty in winter. Winter and I don't get along, the cold gets in me and doesn't want to leave, the shortened daylight hours make me tired, and the isolation makes me lonely. By observing nature throughout these frozen months I saw more than just dormant trees and endless shovelling. I saw a time to slow down, reflect on where I've been, contemplate who I am, and meditate on what's to come. Winter is for looking inwards, calming the mind, body, and soul. I found more than just beauty during the snowy season; I found rejuvenation, rest, and reflection."


Mrs Robinson says:

These images together with this introspective note by Jennifer is a beautiful start the first week of our new blog. It perfectly summarizes what we want to share with you : what does a picture mean to you ? Personally I see it as a game of give and take between the artist and the viewer. The Winterscapes pictures are simple but meaningful and have a strong graphic and illustrative character .


For sale | Winter Tree Photographs prints | Winter Scene Photographs prints

| [email protected] | www.jennifersquires.ca |