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Every day of the week we will share the work of a talented photographer. You can contact photographers directly if you are interested in their work. Contact details of the artists including a brief biography are given with each write-up.

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All photos found on B:Studio must be credited and linked to the original post. This way you will ensure copyright and support the photographer.

About Bloesem Studio

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B:Studio is a new Bloesem blog dedicated to photography. Aspiring to showcase the highest quality work of international artists, carefully screened. B:Studio is the place where you find that special image, new talent or inspiration. Essentially, our vision is to be a platform for photographers to connect with a global audience.


How does it work?

Every weekday we feature selected work of one photographer.We provide a detailed biography of the artist and contact details. Let's get personal interviews go behind the scenes with photographers from around the globe. Readers can directly contact the artists for more information or to purchase their work.

Why B:Studio?

We started B:Studio simply because we love photography. Admiring the dedicaton and passion of so many talented artists. We want to give photographers a low cost platform to directly connect with customers.

For the Photographers


What can B:Studio do for you?

B:Studio's primary goal is to help you gain international exposure. We want to give you direct access to thousands of potential customers worldwide. Through dedicated posts about you, your work, interviews, newsletters and targeted mailings. And last but not least through exposure via the other Bloesem blogs: B:Kids and B:Living


How does it work?

After we have screened your portfolio we invite you to send us images of a recent shoot. We show these images in a post together with a write-up about you and your work. Readers will also have acces to your contact details and a short biography. Leads from an interested party will go directly to you without our involvement. Customers can contract directly with you or your agent.


What does it cost?

We are not an agency and do not take a share of your revenue. Photographers pay B:Studio a flat fee of USD75 for one post and write-up about a shoot. A biography of all participating photographers will be a constant feature on B:Studio.


Interested in participating?

Send us an email including low-res images of the shoot you would like us to show. We also require a short biography and your contact details. We look forward to hearing from you.


Here is a list of the photographers we have worked with so far.

About Bloesem blogs


Irene Hoofs, born in Amsterdam, started Bloesem blogs in 2006 while living in Toronto. She has since moved to Asia with her family and has lived in Kuala Lumur for five years now.

In addition to BloesemStudio, Bloesem incorporates BloesemLiving and BloesemKids.

BloesemLiving is where Irene garners and shares ideas for design, for leisurely pursuits, for creating soul-soothing interiors, for love of the handmade, for vintage appreciation, for the art of traveling. Her vision is to be an online reference where readers come to, as a resource for beauty and imagination, in a moment of repose and relaxation.

Bloesem’s baby is called BloesemKids. BloesemKids' vision is to be a truly delightful reference of abundant treats for kids.  Design-conscious parents revel in the daily updates which include finds, crafting, cooking, stories from other Moms, fashion and occasional book reviews by Irene and other guest writers.