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Peter van Beek, documentary and portrait photogrpaher.

Centuries ago dark-skinned nomads, tin makers, musicians and storytellers came from Punjab and Rajastan to the West. Their history is vague and full of mystery. Surprisingly, in 2012 it still is. The Roma, commonly known as gypsies, live their lives in remarkable ways. One has a horse, the other a Hummer. Loved by few, discriminated by many.


Peter van Beek was photographing Balkan psychiatric institutions when thousands of Kosovo refugees settled down in Skopje, capitol of Macedonia, for a while. Besides psychiatry and refugees Peter started capturing life of the Roma as well. He became intrigued by these passionate and colourful people yet largest and most hated minority in Europe.

For 10 years now Peter travels across Europe. Eating and sleeping, dancing and sometimes fighting with Roma.

By photographing his adventures he shows us the inspiring life of coppersmiths, witches, bear tamers, nomads and storytellers


Mrs Robinson says:

I had a WOW moment when I saw the work of Peter : honest and colourful portraits which make you wonder about life, people and places. Peter himself doubted the fact that his work would be appropriate for Bloesem. Yes, it may be a wake up call to show these non-styled and unpolished sceneries but by being so they are enormously attractive. Because this time the beauty is not in the garments, objects or models, but in the pride of these people.


Would you like to see the all the images from this series contact the photographer Peter van Beek. Or you can buy some of these amazing Gypsy images as art prints right here at ArtFlakes.

| mail@petervanbeek.com | www.petervanbeek.com | biography Peter van Beek |


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Amazing lives, amazing photos, thank you so much for sharing your insights.

Wow, beautiful and touching pictures! Well done, Peter!

Very intruiging!

Amazing photographs!

Irene, have you see the 'domestic landscape' series from Bert Teunissen, I think you'll love those too. I keep looking at them again and again, they're very touching.

So cool, he is a multi-talent, because I happen to know this guy makes really good (gypsy)wedding photo┬┤s too!

Thank you for sharing these stunning images! I'm so glad that you pushed aside the worry that these photographs might not be appropriate for the Bloesem blog- I appreciate beautiful photography of all kinds and I'm sure most of your other readers do, as well! I'm happy to be made aware of Peter Van Beek's inspiring and rich photography.

Thanx Stephanie, who are you? Can i find you somewhere on the web?
Bye, Peter

Amasing work.

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