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Liesje Reyskens, a young Belgium art and fashion photographer

To her this was the ideal opportunity to explore the endless variation of female form. After a call in the regional media the photographer selected from over 200 candidates 39 women between 1 and 84 years. And they all have a love-hate relationship with their own body. From the nonchalant thoughtlessness of preschool children via the shy awkwardness of teenagers to the shameless pride in mature women. But how different the women behave in the front of the camera their forms are still united in a way. Liesje knows how to emphasize this unit by outfits and accessories.
All 39 models were allowed to choose 3 outfits. A dress designed by Astrid-Fia De Craecker of the label Little Miss Y, or a stripped to the waist high slip (but sometimes covered) or an upper body that were specially designed by Celine Pinckers.

Liesje Reyskens prides herself on working with quirky female designers whose styles seamlessly connect with her playful and often surreal photography.

The same applies to Elisa Lee, who provided the jewelry for this special project, and Katleen De Mulder, who did the makeup and nice haircuts.

The result is an ode to shapes, sizes and weights and the proof of the cliche 'that we're all the same. All the colorful world of Liesje Reyskens. Do not miss this project at this year's Super Bodies. By women for women.


Mrs Robinson says:

Imagine a big, big, wall with these 39 images of all kind of women dressed in pastel colored dresses and portrayed in a playful atmosphere.

Oh yeah, It makes me definitely proud to be a woman !

This work is so new, so outstanding yet so simple and sweet, Liesje deserves an ongoing and worldwide attention, starting here.


| info@liesjereyskens.com | www.liesjereyskens.com | biography Liesje Reyskens


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I love everything about her work! the subject of course, the pastel colors, the models. Beautiful!
Thanks for sharing...

Thanks for sharing! I love her work too...

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