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Marjon Hoogervorst likes spaces, places and faces

Enna Hadzir is one of the founders of a well-known cupcakes shop in KL called Wondermilk and she lives with her husband and two kids in this corner home in one of the suburbs of the city. What attracted Marjon to the home was the world of collectibles, handmade accessories and furniture.  

The serie consits of 59 images and includes their home, garden and some nice family shots. A complete story about a creative Malaysian family living in KL that will inspire many people around the globe.



Would you like to see the whole series of 59 images or possibly feature it in your magazine just contact the photographer Marjon Hoogervorst.



| marjon@vorstin.nl | www.vorstin.nl | biography Marjon | styling by Ena Hadzir|


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