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Tokyo Monogatari

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Ilse Leenders, Conceptual Photographer

The work of Ilse Leenders is constructed and alienating. The daily reality is an inspiration for a personal imaginary world where wondrous situations occur.

The series Tokyo Monogatari was made during  Ilse’s first stay in Tokyo.

The images were the starting point of a large series that needed to be continued and intensified in order to visualize the combination of the cities atmosphere and the heritage of movements from Japanese theater. This could be realized by proceeding the collaboration with the Japanese dancers and performance artists to increase poses and subjects in the pictures.

That is the reason for Ilse’s second trip to Japan last winter. She not only visited Tokyo again but also Kyoto and some small villages in the countryside. In this way she could conceptualize a complete combination of the daily life in Japan and the heritage of the diverse Japanese visual and performing arts.


Opening on Saturday 24 March  17h-19h, Ilse will be presenting this Tokyo Monogatari images and also a selection of work generated from her second trip to Japan in the solo exhibition SEMBLANCE.

The exhibition shows a cross-section of her work. Highlights from series that she made over the past years independently and photographs in collaboration with photographer Maurits Giesen under the name of GiesenLeenders.

ACF – Amsterdam Centrum voor Fotografie, Bethanienstraat 39, 1012 BZ AMSTERDAM


Mrs Robinson says:

Nothing is what it seems in the work of Ilse Leenders. Her images are perfectly staged without losing authenticity of people and environment.
Ilse pulls you very easily into her world of pleasantly weirdness  and often it is very hard to return to the real world, is my idea.
When she is exhibiting I'll always make sure going there , for great images and for another beautiful trip.


ilse@ilseleenders.com | www.ilseleenders.com | biography Ilse Leenders