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Julie Prader, landscape photographer 

Hors-saison is a series of seaside landscapes in winter. The photos are taken in north of France. Julie’s photographic work is mostly on deserted landscapes, on spaces under repair. Those grounds under construction coincide with a fancy construction and become playgrounds favorable to fantasy.



Mrs Robinson says:

The solitude in these images causes a pleasant feeling of alienation. The object or location I am looking at is something different, something abstract, which gives me space to think, to muse, to relax. So the spot hit the mark, though not by the spot itself, but by the images of Julie. Something completely different.


julie.pradier@gmail.com | www.juliepradier.com   | biography Julie Prader


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Domestic Landscapes

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Una Hunderi

The series Domestic Landscapes refers to suburban nature and architecture, as my aim with this series was to comment and interpret the modern Norwegian man-made landscape. Here I strived to make pictures belonging to the narrative aesthetic of cinema, without appropriating specific films. Instead one can see them as a pastiche of a certain kind of film language. Nature has been a recurring theme in many of my previous works, but has been dealt with in different ways. One common denominator might be playing and twisting with a collective, idealized imagery and memories relating to nature and landscape



Mrs Robinson says:

What attracts me most in these stunning series is the calm, serentity and pureness in the subject. The magnificent power of nature in the pictures of the trees brings back some sweet childhood memories. Therefore, the combination of powerful trees and innocent girls is very strong to me.

These images can be a great visual help in telling stories about beautiful North European areas.  


 | una.hunderi@gmail.com | www.unaline.com



Winter Landscape

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Jennifer Squires Ross, Modern Fine Art Photographer

"I began this series as part of a therapeutic exercise that I'd given myself: find beauty in winter. Winter and I don't get along, the cold gets in me and doesn't want to leave, the shortened daylight hours make me tired, and the isolation makes me lonely. By observing nature throughout these frozen months I saw more than just dormant trees and endless shovelling. I saw a time to slow down, reflect on where I've been, contemplate who I am, and meditate on what's to come. Winter is for looking inwards, calming the mind, body, and soul. I found more than just beauty during the snowy season; I found rejuvenation, rest, and reflection."


Mrs Robinson says:

These images together with this introspective note by Jennifer is a beautiful start the first week of our new blog. It perfectly summarizes what we want to share with you : what does a picture mean to you ? Personally I see it as a game of give and take between the artist and the viewer. The Winterscapes pictures are simple but meaningful and have a strong graphic and illustrative character .


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| jennifer@jennifersquires.ca | www.jennifersquires.ca |