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Building Bloc

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Marjon Hoogervorst likes spaces, places and faces

While visiting me in Kuala Lumpur Marjon Hoogervorst and I went to this amazing house designed by architects couple When Hsia of Building Bloc. The couple was kind enough to show us around their unqiue home. Concrete in its best form combined with lush greeneries. The use of rough materials and simple but stylish finishing make this house a true oasis in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Real eye-catchers are the scrap metal gates and a low tech thermal control system. The architects completed this home in 2009 and it hasn't been featured in international magazines yet...





B:Studio says:

What makes this series so interesting is the 'eye' of Marjon that truly captures the unpolished beauty of this house. The images tell the story of the architects creating their home. The details in the images make this a perfect series for a magazine. It will give the reader plenty of inspiration to stay outside the mainstream when rethinking the design of their own homes...

Would you like to see the whole series of 45 images or possibly feature it in your magazine just contact the photographer Marjon Hoogervorst.



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