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Every day of the week we will share the work of a talented photographer. You can contact photographers directly if you are interested in their work. Contact details of the artists including a brief biography are given with each write-up.

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Meet Mrs. Robinson

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Mrs Robinson is an alias for my dear friend Monique Grondijs, quite an appropriate name actually for the photography agency she founded three years ago.

Residing in Amsterdam, Monique lives and breathes photography. Having spent most of her professional life working for an agent she decided to strike out on her own. I am very glad that she did.

Mrs Robinson is not merely an agent but also runs complete productions. Seducing both photographers and clients. Experience and taste really matter.

Mrs Robinson has a deep understanding of her clients' wishes. Helping them developing concepts. She stimulates her photographers to bring out their best. I’d like to think of her as a consultant: Mrs Robinson knows best… but was finally seduced herself by B:Studio..

She will write a weekly column about trends in photography, the role of the agent, technology, buy-outs and other ‘must know’ things to run a photography business…    

In the meantime if you would like to ask Mrs Robinson a question about your portfolio, your work or the photography scene in the Netherlands, please send her an email.




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